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Type: PowerPoint
Title: Achieving Utility Damage Prevention through an Integrated Mapping and Data Management Program
Authors: Keane, Bradley
Tags: Engineering Technology Innovation;Asset Management
Issue Date: Oct-2018
Publisher: Institute of Public Works Engineering Australasia Queensland
Abstract: Advances in wireless technology now allow field technicians to work smarter, better and faster. Through the investment in the latest technology and world best practices, superior locating companies can offer a new standard for productivity, accuracy, management and data collection in the utility damage prevention industry. Traditional workflows including direct spray marking of underground assets can generate confusion, which leads to costly errors and delays through rework or asset damage. Traditional workflows can be summarised as an initial desktop study using DBYD records followed by site reconnaissance then survey, verification and compilation to utility plans. Modern workflows follow the same overall scheme, but with integration in the site reconnaissance, survey, verification and compilation processes. Automated data transfer and cloud backup between steps reduces possibility of data mislocation or loss. The use of web portals and cloud servers allows for real-time access to plans at each stage of process for verification or update by collaborative teams. The final product can move from a printed physical plan to a virtual representation of utilities which may be viewed in an Augmented Reality (AR) platform on location-enabled mobile devices by all users on the site. This allows for an effective communication and simplification of very complex underground asset networks, which can significantly reduce the risk of damage. Further advances with integrated machine control will potentially eliminate underground asset damage altogether.
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