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0 Scope and Purpose-Used.pdf.jpgPowerPoint20190. LOCAL SEALED AND UNSEALED ROADSUnsealed Roads 
Heusker.jpg.jpgAudio Visual Recording20201. IPWEAQ Futures Challenge 2020Futures Challenge 
2020 Asset Management HC - Logan City Council.jpg.jpgPhoto20201. IPWEAQ#20 Gala Dinner Excellence Awards Winners -CLICK HERE TO OPEN ALBUM- 
1 Overview and Challenges v5-Generic-TYT.pdf.jpgPowerPoint20191. Unsealed Roads Overview and ChallengesUnsealed Roads 
10 Reasons for Presenting an IPWEAQ Conference Paper.pdf.jpgArticle201810 Reasons for Presenting a Paper at an IPWEAQ ConferenceProfessional Development; IPWEAQ Conference 
Old Government House.PNG.jpgBook1989125 Years of State Public Works in Queensland 1859-1984 by Ian CameronPublic Works; Queensland; Railways; Roads; Ports; Water; Waterways; Infrastructure; Sewerage; Water Supply; Harbours; Electricity 
1992-1993.pdf.jpgAnnual Report19931992-1993 Annual ReportAnnual Report 
1993-1994 Annual Report.pdf.jpgAnnual Report19941993-1994 Annual ReportAnnual Report 
1994-1995 Annual Report.pdf.jpgAnnual Report19951994-1995 Annual ReportAnnual Report 
1995-1996 Annual Report.pdf.jpgAnnual Report19961995-1996 Annual ReportAnnual Report 
1996-1997 Dummy Annual Report.pdf.jpgAnnual Report19971996-1997 Annual ReportAnnual Report 
1997-1998 Annual Report.pdf.jpgAnnual Report19981997-1998 Annual ReportAnnual Report 
1998-1999 Annual Report.pdf.jpgAnnual Report19991998-1999 Annual ReportAnnual Report 
1999-2000 Annual Report.pdf.jpgAnnual Report20001999-2000 Annual ReportAnnual Report 
2 Knowing your network v7.pdf.jpgPowerPoint20192 Knowing your networkUnsealed Roads 
Steve Sammanantino Mackay.pdf.jpgPowerPoint2015The 200 Year Shift-Are you future proof?Change Management 
2000-2001 Annual Report.pdf.jpgAnnual Report20012000-2001 Annual ReportAnnual Report 
2001-2002 Annual Report.pdf.jpgAnnual Report20022001-2002 Annual ReportAnnual Report 
2002-2003 Annual Report.pdf.jpgAnnual Report20032002-2003 Annual ReportAnnual Report 
2003-2004 Annual Report.pdf.jpgAnnual Report20042003-2004 Annual ReportAnnual Report