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Type: PowerPoint
Title: Multi-Functional Stormwater Projects - An Innovative Technical Design and Partnership Approach by Adam Berry
Authors: Berry, Adam
Tags: Stormwater Design;Ipswich City Coundil
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Institute of Public Works Engineering Australasia Queensland
Abstract: Ipswich City Council (Council) has been pursuing sustainable development and regional stormwater solutions for a number of years with a variety of different mechanisms. A developer, Citimark Properties originally lodged a development application with Ipswich City Council for a residential subdivision and commercial precinct within Eastern Heights, Ipswich. As opposed to following the standard development application process, Council began discussions and negotiation with the developer in order to develop an innovative and sustainable solution to stormwater management for the site which provided benefits to multiple parties. The outcome was a regional solution on Council owned land downstream from the development which included stormwater detention, water quality improvement infrastructure, stormwater harvesting and a functional community asset. This allowed the developer to transfer the stormwater infrastructure offsite while council benefited through a more sustainable, integrated solution that complimented existing community open space and recreational infrastructure. The regional solution partnership between both parties was fostered through a non-trunk infrastructure agreement whereby site construction costs and land value were taken into account for final contributions. This paper presents two key components of the project: - The infrastructure agreement between council and the developer in which the mechanisms for the contract will be explained in detail and the multiple benefits for both parties highlighted. - The innovative design elements introduced during the design of the integrated stormwater system. Due to the unique technical partnering between Council and Engeny (which challenges common approach) a raft of creative, practical and innovative solutions were developed to further benefit the project as a whole. These technical components ranging through engineering, environmental, maintenance and irrigation professions and new ways of thinking will be described in detail. Additionally, the unique arrangement between both organisations sets a benchmark in true collaboration by multi discipline roles but in particular utisling skills sets between two organisations to the betterment of the project as a whole. The paper is a result of the partnership between Ipswich City Council, Citimark Properties (Citimark), Engeny Water Management (Engeny) and Griffith University that provides a new solution to incorporation of stormwater infrastructure into an urban environment. Ultimately, all stakeholders and partners benefit, most of all the community at large who have been provided with a unique attraction that increases the usability of the area in general. With that readily exposed benefit, there are a raft of hidden long term benefits that provide a pure sustainable approach to constructing assets into the future for public works professionals. The challenge to provide feasible regional stormwater solutions are well acknowledged in the industry and this paper will present the approach used to rise to the challenge ,deliver a positive outcome for Ipswich and set the benchmark for innovation in partnering and innovation.
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