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Type: Audio Recording
Title: Storm Culvert Maintenance; Replace, Rehabilitate or do nothing?
Authors: Latimer, Steven
Tags: ITS;Storm Culvert;Pipeline Technology
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Institute of Public Works Engineering Australasia Queensland
Abstract: This is the decision facing our Stormwater industry and system providers as the ageing Australian infrastructure is starting to fail as critical planned maintenance programs are side-lined in the continual drive for economies, cost savings and spend reductions. In recent years Australia has suffered with several catastrophic culvert failures such that inspection and maintenance came under increasing scrutiny however cost cutting is reducing these inspection programs almost to a state of Out of site Out of mind with the consequential result that culvert degradation is again on the advance. The implementing of rigorous inspection and maintenance programs across the Country is slowing down and funding available to undertake maintenance is being swallowed up in cost cuts. Industry has to develop and produce innovative solutions to combat the issues of decay and erosion using cost effective and innovative trenchless technologies in order to minimise disruption to the public who depend on the efficient performance of the infrastructure at all times. With recent high profile incidents worsened by increases in widespread flooding and heavy rainfall is it time for the Australia to implement a plan of preventive maintenance to stop this happening to our own asset base, or do we let it collapse around us? This paper will discuss what can be done and how structured planning can effectively and economically reduce the risk of asset failure.
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