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Type: Article
Title: Modelling, collaboration and integration : a case study for the delivery of public buildings by Keith D Hampson and Judy A Kraatz
Authors: Hampson, Keith D
Kraatz, Judy A
Tags: digital modelling;(BIM);(IPD)
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: QUT ePrints
Abstract: An evolution in the use of digital modelling has occurred in the Queensland Department of Public Works Division of Project Services over the last 20 years from: the initial implementation of computer aided design and documentation (CADD); to experimentation with building information modelling (BIM); to embedding integrated practice (IP); to current steps towards integrated project delivery (IPD) including the active involvement of consultants and contractors in the design/delivery process. This case study is one of three undertaken through the Australian Sustainable Built Environment National Research Centre investigating past R&D investment. The intent of these cases is to inform the development of policy guidelines for future investment in the construction industry in Australia. This research is informing the activities of CIB Task Group 85 R&D Investment and Impact. The uptake of digital modelling by Project Services has been approached through an incremental learning approach. This has been driven by a strong and clear vision with a focus on developing more efficient delivery mechanisms through the use of new technology coupled with process change. Findings reveal an organisational focus on several areas including: (i) strategic decision making including the empowerment of innovation leaders and champions; (ii) the acquisition and exploitation of knowledge; (iii) product and process development (with a focus on efficiency and productivity); (iv) organisational learning; (v) maximising the use of technology; and (vi) supply chain integration. Key elements of this approach include pilot projects, researcher engagement, industry partnerships and leadership
Description: 13 page conference paper from Modelling, collaboration and integration : a case study for the delivery of public buildings. In Kajewski, Stephen, Manley, Karen, & Hampson, Keith D. (Eds.) Proceedings of the 19th CIB World Building Congress, Brisbane 2013: Construction and Society, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre, Brisbane, Qld, pp. 1-12.
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