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iwth-13_lr.jpg.jpgPhoto2016Ian Healy- 
iwth-12_lr.jpg.jpgPhoto2016Ian Healy- 
iwth-14_lr.jpg.jpgPhoto2016Ian Healy- 
Tayanah O'Donnell et al article Sept 19.pdf.jpgArticle2019If we want Liveable Cities in 2060 we'll have to work together to transform urban systems.Urban Planning; Sustainability 
EPW June 2020 - The impact of COVID-19 on our Ambassadors.pdf.jpgArticle2020The Impact of Covid-19 on our ambassadorsCOVID-19 Impact 
iMPACT Report Sept 19.pdf.jpgReport2019iMPACT ReportNative Title; Aboriginal Cultural Heritage 
Mark Lamont.jpg.jpgAudio Visual Recording2019iMPACT-Native Title and Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Compliance by Mark LamontNative Title; Cultural Heritage 
Dwayne Honor Image.jpg.jpgAudio Recording2016Impacts and Key Lessons from Extreme Storm Tide Surge Events by Dwayne HonorStorm and Tidal Surge 
ADAC Paper Cover Page.jpg.jpgPaper2015Implementation of the Asset Design As Constructed standard in Bundaberg.ADAC; Bundaberg Regional Council 
ADAC Johnston and Bartholowew.pdf.jpgArticle2013Implementing ADAC: Key Considerations for your OrganizationADAC 
Dr Laszlo Petho Image.jpg.jpgAudio Visual Recording2018Implementing open graded crumb rubber & crumb gap-graded asphalt technologies in Australia - performance and sustainability by Dr Lazlo PethoAsphalt Technology; Road Design 
Julian Chan ppt.pdf.jpgPowerPoint2018Implementing Queensland's Container Refund SchemeCRS; Container Refund Scheme 
Julian Chan jpeg.jpg.jpgAudio Recording2018Implementing Queensland's Container Refund SchemeCRS; Container Refund Scheme 
John Derbyshire.pdf.jpgAudio Visual Recording2021Implications of the new street design regulations for asset managers in local government and public utility authorities by John DerbyshireStreet Design Regulation 
Importance of Adequate Development Compliance.pdf.jpgArticle2018Importance of Adequate Development Compliance from an Asset Manager's PerspectiveAsset Management; SCC 
Pages from 1 - Dawson Wilkie 160801 The importance of continuing professional development IPWEAQ NQ Conference (Dawson).jpg.jpgPowerPoint2016The importance of continuing professional developmentProfessional Development 
Matt Bradbury PowerPoint.pdf.jpgPowerPoint2019The Importance of dotting your "i's" and crossing your "t's" - a snapshot of key considerations for delivering your projectProfessional Practice 
Seren McKenzie Article March 2017.pdf.jpgArticle2017The importance of recognising women in engineering by Seren McKenzieInternational Women's Day; Women Engineers; Gender Gap; Gender Equity 
Seren McKenzie Article March 2017.pdf.jpgArticle2017The importance of recognising women in engineering by Seren McKenzieWomen in Engineering 
Ben Ash Article.pdf.jpgArticle2019The Importance of Working Relationships in Rural CommunitiesAmbassador's Report