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0.jpeg.jpgAudio Visual Recording2018Data Validation & Condition Assessment of Council Stormwater Assets by Sean RiceAsset Management; Stormwater Assets 
Raitt McLeod.jpg.jpgAudio Visual Recording2017A Deep Dive into Asset ManagementAsset Management 
A Deep Dive into Asset Management - Raitt McCloed and Brodie Young.pdf.jpgPowerPoint2017A deep dive into asset managementAsset Management; CHRC 
Gatton Stormwater Project Seren McKenzie and Adam Broit.pdf.jpgPowerPoint2018Discovering our Stormwater Assets and Issues - the Lockyer Valley ExperienceAsset Management; Water Asset Management 
Govt Sustainability Panel Dec 2017.pdf.jpgReport2017Experts Agree managing Assets is Key to Local Government SustainabilityAsset Management 
Paul Rhoden Paper.pdf.jpgPaper2018Extending Stockpile Working Times: Plant Mix Foam BitumenStockpile Management; Asset Management; Plant Mix Foam Bitumen 
Paul Rhoden Image.jpg.jpgAudio Visual Recording2018Extending Stockpile Working Times: Plant Mix Foam Bitumen by Paul RhodenStockpile Management; Asset Management; Plant Mix Foam Bitumen 
Chris Campbell Paper.pdf.jpgPaper2020From Data to Information to Decision-MakingAsset Management 
Darren Shepherd 20.jpg.jpgAudio Visual Recording2020Gladstone Regional Council Gets Mobile with Online Works ProgramAsset Management 
7.4 Darren Shepherd & Carmen Smith.pdf.jpgPowerPoint2020Gladstone Regional Council Gets Mobile with Online Works ProgramAsset Management 
EPW June 2020 - Graduate Engineers Q&As.pdf.jpgArticle2020Graduate Engineers Q&AAsset Management 
Michael Fullelove Article June 2019.pdf.jpgArticle2019A Holistic Approach to Energy SustainabilitySustainability; Asset Management 
Revised IPWEAQ CQ Presentation - Nikeeta Roche 23 May 2019.pdf.jpgPowerPoint2019How to Value the Indescribable: Looking to the Past to Create the Foundation for the Future by Nikeeta RocheAsset Planning; Asset Management 
Importance of Adequate Development Compliance.pdf.jpgArticle2018Importance of Adequate Development Compliance from an Asset Manager's PerspectiveAsset Management; SCC 
Loren Otto Article June 2019.pdf.jpgArticle2019Infrastructure Management Using Drone Scan TechnologyAsset Management; Drone Scan 
Carey Morris Image.jpg.jpgAudio Recording2016Is cheap real value? - 2016 Hynds Best Paper (IPWEA NZ) by Carey MorrisCHBDC; Asset Management 
Australian Road Research Big Questions.pdf.jpgArticle2018Is it time to Look at Bridge Asset Management Differently?Asset Management; Bridge Infrastructure 
Pages from Leading the way in Asset Management - Kylie Munn.jpg.jpgPowerPoint2017Leading the way in asset managementAsset Management 
Kylie Munn Image.jpg.jpgAudio Visual Recording2017Leading the Way in Asset ManagementAsset Management 
Jan Xanthopoulo.JPG.jpgAudio Recording2018Linking Asset Management to Long Term Financial SustainabilityAsset Management; Financial Planning