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Angela Fry Image.jpg.jpgState Conference Podcast Presentation2016Successful Collaboration – Outer Circulating Road Project by Angela FryOCR Victoria Street; Outer Circulating Road Project
Carey Morris Image.jpg.jpgState Conference Podcast Presentation2016Is cheap real value? - 2016 Hynds Best Paper (IPWEA NZ) by Carey MorrisCHBDC; Asset Management
Peter-Marchant-4-1-400x437.jpg.jpgState Conference Podcast Presentation2016Extending the Life of Essential Sub Surface Assets, a Practical Approach to Guarantee Structural Competence in Pipeline and Culvert Rehabilitation by Peter MarchantSub Surface Assets; Pipeline Structure; Culvert Rehabilitation
Russell Groth Images.jpg.jpgState Conference Podcast Presentation2016Gladstone Regional Council 1800mm Steel Culvert Rehabilitation by Russell GrothCulvert Rehabilitation; Gladstone; ENCAP6; Uretek Resin Injection
State Conference Podcast Presentation2016Lessons from someone who has 'been there and done thatScenic Rim; Fireside Chat
QLD-Water Logo.jpg.jpgState Conference Podcast Presentation2016Collaborative engineering by Dave Cameron and Rob FearonCollaborative Engineering; Qld Water
Noel Davidson Image.bmp.jpgState Conference Podcast Presentation20163D BIM underground assets by Noel Davidson3D BIM; Underground Assests; TMR
JIm Hefferan Image.jpg.jpgState Conference Podcast Presentation2016Inner City Bypass - cooperation in project planning by Jim HefferanInner City Bypass; Airport Link; Project planning
Jessica CF.jpg.jpgState Conference Podcast Presentation2016Tactical urbanism: 3 ideas for user testing street design by Jessica Christiansen-FranksStreet Design; Lane Redevelopment
iwth-43_lr.jpg.preview.jpg.jpgState Conference Podcast Presentation2016A conversation about demystifying “legal speak” by Ren Niemann, Michael Rochester and Matt Bradbury.Legal Speak; Engineering Law