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Type: Paper
Title: Applying Safe Systems principles to raised priority crossings for pedestrian and cyclist paths by Prue Oswin
Authors: Oswin, Prue
Tags: Path Design and Safety.
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Institute of Public Works Engineering Australasia Queensland
Abstract: Safe systems principles have been incorporated into technical guidance and practical examples of cycling infrastructure in Queensland. Providing crossings at side roads that give pedestrians and bicycle riders priority over vehicles is one way of ensuring that shared pathways are more direct and comfortable for users. However, the key concern of many practitioners and users is whether these facilities are safe. Results of observational studies into existing raised priority crossings were used to identify key design attributes for priority crossings on side roads. The design guidance was also tested against safe systems principles to ensure that facilities allow for human error but are unlikely to result in serious injury or harm to users. The results of this work demonstrate that priority crossing treatments can be developed, consistent with safe systems principles to deliver safe, convenient and more direct cycling facilities where more users are comfortable to use shared pathways.
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