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Type: PowerPoint
Title: How Unique is your Council by Sean Rice
Authors: Rice, Sean
Tags: Council Processes;Management Efficiency
Issue Date: Mar-2019
Publisher: Institute of Public Works Engineering Australasia Queensland
Abstract: How many times do we hear Council say 'but we're a little bit unique' or 'we have to do things differently here'. I call BS! There are around 530 Council's across Australia, and there aren't 530 'best' ways of doing things. There's only one best way. We need to identify it, and then help replicate it across the Country. Where focus is needed is on systems and processes, and I'll repeat that for emphasis. Systems and processes. There are so many things we do on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis at Council's but for some reason we generally all do it differently. We feel the need to tweak the system we borrowed from the Council next door, or we're using a hand me down system or contract that one of our predecessors developed umpteen years ago because that's what we've always used. Some examples that come to mind are the contracts we issue for major and minor works on a regular basis, business plans for our water and sewerage businesses, developing asset management systems and data collection, documents for the annual reseal program. There are endless examples, and I guarantee you they are generally all different in one way or another between Council's. How much efficiency could be gained if we were able to pool our resources, identify the best way to implement these systems and processes and then roll them all out. I'd love to hear your thoughts on how we can increase take up by Council's on existing systems that are out there, or the development of new systems to fill the gaps. It would have to save money, that can then go back into our infrastructure and growing our communities.
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