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Type: Report
Title: 2010 IPWEA Study Tour Report by Seren McKenzie
Authors: McKenzie, Seren
Tags: Stormwater Management;APWA Congress
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: Institute of Public Works Engineering Australasia, Queensland
Abstract: The 2010 IPWEA World Study Tour was held during three weeks in August, and included six site visits in America, the American Public Works Association Congress in Boston, and visits to two Councils in England. The six participants on the study tour were interested in areas of stormwater management, infrastructure management, transport planning, and waste management. As such, each council visited was given a brief of the participants and areas of interest, and asked to present sustainable and innovative practices they undertake in engineering related to these topics. The main findings from the study tour were the collaboration between councils for better outcomes, the way contracts are formulated, the partnerships between local authorities and private companies, the way young engineers and female engineers are encouraged into the industry, and the innovative and sustainable practices being used for the same problems we face in Australia.
Description: Report
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