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Type: Guideline Document
Title: Streets for People: Compendium for South Australian Practice.
Authors: South Australian Active Living Coalition
Tags: Street Design;Urban Planning
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: Government of South Australia
Abstract: Putting people first and creating pedestrian and cycle friendly environments will make our communities more vibrant and healthy. With around 40 per cent of car trips being less than three kilometres, many of us have plenty of opportunities to walk or cycle instead of driving. This will help reduce not only our waistlines but also greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution. Street design has long been focussed around motorised transportation. We want to reclaim streets as not solely the domain of motor vehicles but also of pedestrians and cyclists, and as public spaces for social and commercial interaction. The South Australian Government is committed to building safe and healthy communities in both urban and regional areas and creating a revitalised, vibrant Adelaide. The 30-Year Plan for Greater Adelaide outlines a vision for significant growth in existing urban lands, with a focus on higher-density, mixed-use developments that are walkable and connected. The Streets for People Compendium for South Australian Practice provides information and guidance for the development of pedestrian and cycle friendly environments that promote health and strengthen communities. It condenses the knowledge, skills and policy agendas of a broad community of practitioners into one multi-faceted design resource, making the design and approval of innovative streets for people both easier and more desirable. Streets for People is useful to policy makers, transport planners, traffic engineers, urban designers, landscape architects, urban planners, developers and other professionals, and also provides an excellent introduction to best practice street design for members of the public. Streets for People is the product of multiple government and non-government agencies working together as the South Australian Active Living Coalition. The Coalition was established by the Heart Foundation to bring together interests in health, urban and regional planning and transport. We wish to acknowledge the extensive, positive engagement with many built environment and transport professionals during the development of this compendium. We are proud to have been a part of this unique collaborative effort and we invite you to create, use and support streets for people across South Australia.
Description: Guideline Document
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