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Type: Guideline Document
Title: Public Realm Urban Design Guidelines
Authors: Local Government Association of South Australia
Tags: Urban Planning;Street Design
Issue Date: Mar-2014
Publisher: Local Government Association of South Australia
Abstract: The Public Realm Urban Design Guidelines offer a set of principles and aspirations to help guide and support the appropriate development of current and future public land in growth areas. This Guide is aimed at people involved in the creation of public realm, e.g. proponents, developers, project managers, designers or community groups. It is for people and companies engaged in the use, design, implementation and ongoing management and maintenance of public spaces. The Guide seeks to set consistent methods for Councils and developers to work together to collaboratively design public spaces that meet the collective needs of a diverse community. This document seeks to bring about a clear understanding of the design principles and outcomes that should generally apply in “growth areas” of Local Government. The intent of this Guide is to draw on existing work to bring together a complete set of principles that underpin quality, safe and accessible environments. The principles set out in this document are not just applicable to high profile areas (eg. a town centre), they also apply to areas such as neighbourhood precincts, small community spaces or a residential street. The Guide creates a resource that supports the approach to planning and delivery as outlined in the LGA‟s 2013 publication, “A Council‟s Guide to Managing Growth”. The Guide should also complement the general policy directions contained in Council Development Plans. Given that Development Plans contain assessment policies as an expression of the 30-Year Plan for Greater Adelaide and Regional Plans the LGA Urban Design Guidelines should assist in facilitating development outcomes that align with the strategic outcomes sought for South Australia. It is anticipated the Guide will be a useful resource for a broad range of stakeholders across the community. To that end, this document has been designed to include two distinct parts. Part 1 specifically targets the end owner such as Councils or developers; and designers (eg. project management consultants/advisors or Government departments and agencies). Part 2 is aimed at the broader community as a resource in understanding how public realm outcomes will be delivered.
Description: Guidelines Document
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