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Type: Policy Document
Title: Liveable Neighbourhoods DRAFT 2015
Authors: Western Australian Planning Commission
Tags: Complete Streets;Infrastructure Planning
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Western Australian Department of Planning
Abstract: Liveable Neighbourhoods is the Western Australian Planning Commission’s operational policy for the design and assessment of structure plans and subdivision to guide the future development of Perth and Peel and the State’s regional centres. Since the first edition was published in 1997 Liveable Neighbourhoods has successfully influenced the integration of the strategic and operational aspects of structure planning and subdivision development. In its latest form the policy has undergone a format restructure based on six elements to improve the application of its objectives and requirements. It also resolves policy conflict and duplication particularly with the key provisions of existing WAPC development control policies related to road planning, school sites and public open space. The remaining information has been significantly updated to reflect current best practice and terminology. This updated draft continues to promote a robust urban structure and site-responsive design for sustainable, safe and ‘liveable’ communities; and walkable, accessible, attractive mixed-use neighbourhoods with interconnected street layouts supported by an efficient movement network. There is also greater focus on local community needs being accessed by walking and cycling networks and local public transport, rather than over-reliance on the private car. As well, employment opportunities and economic sustainability are initiated through a well-developed hierarchy of activity centres. The review process has involved targeted stakeholder engagement across State and local governments and industry. I am pleased to now open the draft Liveable Neighbourhoods (2015) for broader review and look forward to your comments on this policy that will shape how our future communities will look and function.
Description: Policy Document
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