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Type: Article
Title: Transforming your Business with ADAC – The BIM for Civil Infrastructure
Authors: Guppy, Ross
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Institute of Public Works Engineering Australasia Queensland
Abstract: The timely supply of accurate infrastructure asset data is critical to insurance schedules, risk management, accurate maintenance schedules and financial con-siderations such as long term planning, depreciation and budgeting. Accuracy in these areas ultimately affects the consumer of the services – the rate payer and community. Historically, hardcopy ‘Design’ and ‘As Constructed’ drawings are submitted to the asset owner at the completion of construction. The collection of data on this civil infrastructure is then actioned through scrutiny of the supplied plans. This approach is broadly recognised as both time consuming and potentially prone to errors. ADAC (Asset Design As Constructed) is a framework and asset data standard that reduces the time taken to generate, supply and enter the information required for asset management. There is potential to dramatically reduce the time taken to process planning and engineering checks however in its simplest form this frame-work has already demonstrated enormous time savings. This paper explains the ADAC strategic solution through quality data capture and the benefits to asset owners and contractors through a number of case studies.
Description: Article
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