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Type: Podcast Presentation
Title: EME2 Pavement and Mix Design
Authors: Petho, Laszlo
Tags: EME2;Pavement Design
Issue Date: May-2017
Publisher: Institute of Public Works Engineering Australasia Queensland
Abstract: Enrobés à module élevé (EME), which means high modulus asphalt, was developed in France over 30 years ago. It is primarily intended to reduce the thickness of full depth asphalt pavements whilst still providing sound pavement performance through a combination of high modulus, and superior fatigue, deformation and moisture resistance. EME2, which is the highest class of EME in the French standards, is being introduced into Australia and Queensland through a collaborative effort involving the Australian Road Authorities and the asphalt industry. The nationally agreed performance based mix design procedure for EME2, which is based on Australian test methods and test conditions, was implemented by TMR using a supplementary specification called Project Specific Technical Specification (PSTS) 107, High Modulus Asphalt (EME2). This document provides specification limits for workability, wheel tracking, flexural stiffness, fatigue, and moisture sensitivity. The requirements for manufacturing, paving and compliance are also provided. This paper summarises the benefits of the EME2 technology, the technical background of the implementation process and the procedures to characterise the EME2 asphalt mix. The paper also discusses the performance based mix design philosophy and its implementation. Laboratory and field data collected to date indicates that EME2 pavement performs as expected.
Description: Podcast Presentation
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