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Type: Article
Title: Untapped History: A public works historian calls for a closer look at America'sinfrastructure
Authors: Hoy, Suellen
Tags: Waste Disposal Management;Sanitary Engineering
Issue Date: Jul-1983
Publisher: American Association for State and Local History
Citation: History News, Vol. 38, No. 7 (July 1983), pp. 12-14
Abstract: Public works have long been a part of America's heritage and, perhaps for that reason, are hardly noticed and generally taken for granted. Clean, clear water at .the turn of a tap, light and power at the touch of a switch, wastes disposed of with a short walk to the curb or alley - these and many other public works services have become accepted as customary in the daily lives of most Americans. Only when they fail to function properly or to meet continually rising expectations do they become the object of concern.
Description: 3 page article
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