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Gerhard Joubert Image.jpeg.jpgAudio Visual Recording2018Yamala Feeder Roads Options by Gerhard JoubertFeeder Road System Design; Transport Planning
Pages from A year on the dark side -  Angela Fry.jpg.jpgPowerPoint2017A Year on the Dark SidePublic/Private Consultancy
Angela Fry Image.jpg.jpgAudio Visual Recording2017A Year on the Dark SideConsultancy Engineering
Greg James Image.jpg.jpgAudio Recording2017Yeppoon Multi Storey Carpark by Greg JanesYeppoon Multi storey carpark; structual engineering; Continuour Flight Auger Piling System
IPWEAQd1_LR74.jpg.jpgPhoto2018YIPWEAQ LUNCH-
IPWEAQd1_LR68.jpg.jpgPhoto2018YIPWEAQ LUNCH-
IPWEAQd1_LR67.jpg.jpgPhoto2018YIPWEAQ LUNCH-
IPWEAQd1_LR66.jpg.jpgPhoto2018YIPWEAQ LUNCH-
IPWEAQd1_LR65.jpg.jpgPhoto2018YIPWEAQ LUNCH-
IPWEAQd1_LR75.jpg.jpgPhoto2018YIPWEAQ LUNCH-
IPWEAQd1_LR73.jpg.jpgPhoto2018YIPWEAQ LUNCH-
IPWEAQd1_LR78.jpg.jpgPhoto2018YIPWEAQ LUNCH-
IPWEAQd1_LR52.jpg.jpgPhoto2018YIPWEAQ LUNCH-
IPWEAQd1_LR53.jpg.jpgPhoto2018YIPWEAQ LUNCH-
IPWEAQd1_LR64.jpg.jpgPhoto2018YIPWEAQ LUNCH-
IPWEAQd1_LR76.jpg.jpgPhoto2018YIPWEAQ LUNCH-
IPWEAQd1_LR56.jpg.jpgPhoto2018YIPWEAQ LUNCH-
IPWEAQd1_LR55.jpg.jpgPhoto2018YIPWEAQ LUNCH-
IPWEAQd1_LR51.jpg.jpgPhoto2018YIPWEAQ LUNCH-
IPWEAQd1_LR81.jpg.jpgPhoto2018YIPWEAQ LUNCH-