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Practical Leadership.png.jpgAudio Visual Recording2021d. Practical Leadership WorkshopPractical; Leadership Request Copy
iwgala-63_lr.jpg.jpgPhoto2016Dalby CBD Road Safety Review Award- Request Copy
iwgala-190_lr.jpg.jpgPhoto2016Dancing- Request Copy
iwwed-119_lr.jpg.jpgPhoto2016Darren Crombie- Request Copy
iwwed-123_lr.jpg.jpgPhoto2016Darren Crombie- Request Copy
Sampedro and Hughes Article EPW Dec 2018Underground Infrastructure.pdf.jpgArticle2018Data Collection Approaches for Underground Infrastructure Condition AssessmentInfrastructure Maintenance; Asset management; Disaster Planning Request Copy
Burbidge and Frijs Mackay.pdf.jpgPowerPoint2015Data management and Data AnalysisData Management and Analysis Request Copy
0.jpeg.jpgAudio Visual Recording2018Data Validation & Condition Assessment of Council Stormwater Assets by Sean RiceAsset Management; Stormwater Assets Request Copy
14_Shelley Burchett_v2.pdf.jpgPowerPoint2018Data Validation and Condition Assessment of Council Stormwater AssetsWater Asset Management Request Copy
Shelley Burchett.JPG.jpgAudio Recording2018Data Validation and Condition Assessment of Council Stormwater AssetsStormwater Management Request Copy
David Apelt.JPG.jpgPhoto2017David Apelt- Request Copy
IMG_8798.JPG.jpgPhoto2018David Bell- Request Copy
David Cugola Image Yeppoon.JPG.jpgPhoto2017David Cugola Image- Request Copy
iwtu-19_lr.jpg.jpgPhoto2016David Grundy- Request Copy
iwtu-73_lr.jpg.jpgPhoto2016David Pemberton and David Mayen- Request Copy
Audio Visual Recording2020David Toma, Managing Cyber Security Risks- Request Copy
iwth-148_lr.jpg.jpgPhoto2016Dawson Wilkie- Request Copy
iwth-150_lr.jpg.jpgPhoto2016Dawson Wilkie- Request Copy
iwgala-66_lr.jpg.jpgPhoto2016Dawson Wilkie- Request Copy
iwgala-169_lr.jpg.jpgPhoto2016Dawson Wilkie and Craig Heck- Request Copy