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iwth-18_lr.jpg.jpgPhoto2016The Baggy Green Cap- Request Copy
Chris Tanner Gladstone 2005.pdf.jpgPowerPoint2005Balancing and Sustaining Our Water Resources for the Future: Some Case StudiesWater Management Request Copy
Tim Heldt Balancing Cost Risk Performance.pdf.jpgArticle2018Balancing Cost, Risk and PerformanceAsset Management; Risk Assessment Request Copy
Alan Hiet.jpeg.jpgAudio Visual Recording2019Banana Shire Road Assessment by Allan HietRoad Design, Maintenance and Safety Request Copy
Banana Shire Darren Sheperd ppt.pdf.jpgPowerPoint2019Banana shire Road Condition Modelling ProjectRoad Design, Maintenance and Safety Request Copy
Darren Shepherd.jpg.jpgAudio Visual Recording2019Banana Shire Road Condition Modelling Project by Darren ShepherdRoad Condition Modelling Request Copy
Barcaldine Brought It!.pdf.jpgArticle2018Barcaldine Brought It!CQ Branch Conference 2018 Request Copy
14_Barcaldine Ski Park_Jason Winter.pdf.jpgPowerPoint2018Barcaldine Recreation ParkBarcaldine Recreation Park Request Copy
Barcaldine Conference Program.pdf.jpgProgram2009Barcaldine State Conference 2009 ProgramBarcaldine Program Request Copy
EPW June 2020 - Barcaldine’s New Facilities Underpin Future.pdf.jpgArticle2020Barcaldine's New Facilities Underpin FutureInfrastructure Planning; Barcaldine Regional Council Request Copy
Bardon Conference Program.pdf.jpgProgram2010Bardon State Conference 2010 ProgramBardon Program Request Copy
Basketball.JPG.jpgPhoto2017Basketball- Request Copy
More Basketball.JPG.jpgPhoto2017Basketball II- Request Copy
Even More Basketball.JPG.jpgPhoto2017Basketball III- Request Copy
Michael Kasprowicz Image.jpg.jpgAudio Visual Recording2020Become the fashionable bowler for unfashionable tours- Request Copy
_0830-0900 Michael Kasprowicz - Keynote Speaker.pdf.jpgPowerPoint2020Become the fashionable bowler for unfashionable tours- Request Copy
Bronwyn Forster Mackay.pdf.jpgPowerPoint2015Becoming a Modern Council-A Journey of Culture ChangeMackay Regional Council Request Copy
iwgala-2_lr.jpg.jpgPhoto2016Belinda Freeman and Seren McKenzie- Request Copy
iwtu-63_lr.jpg.jpgPhoto2016Belinda Freeman, Phil Bambrick and Jessica Kahl- Request Copy
IMG_8813.JPG.jpgPhoto2018Belinda Waters- Request Copy