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2006-2007 Dummy Annual Report awaiting file upload.pdf.jpgAnnual Report20072006-2007 Annual ReportAnnual Report
Justin Fischer's Report - images removed.pdf.jpgReport20072007 International Study Tour: Skills Shortage, Information Sharing, Succession Planning & Climate Change by Justin FischerUSA; APWA; Texas; New Rochell
2007-2008 Annual Report.pdf.jpgAnnual Report20082007-2008 Annual ReportAnnual Report
Craig Young Paper - IPWEAQ July 2009 Overseas Study Tour.pdf.jpgReport2009_2008 International Study Tour Craig YoungWater sensitive urban design
2008-2009 Annual Report.pdf.jpgAnnual Report20092008-2009 Annual ReportAnnual Report
Jason Deller World Tour and ICLIA congress report.pdf.jpgReport20092009 International Conference in Leadership, Innovation, and Entrepeneurship (ICLEI) World Congress and North American Study Tour by Jason DellerLeadership; Climate Change; Globalization
IPWEA Study Tour Report - GA Joubert Final.pdf.jpgReport20092009 IPWEA World Study Tour by Gerhard JoubertBiosoma-Environmental Paradigm USA, Sweden.
2009-2010 Accounts Annual Report.pdf.jpgAnnual Report20102009-2010 Annual ReportAnnual Report
2010 IPWEA Study Tour Report by Seren McKenzie.pdf.jpgReport20102010 IPWEA Study Tour Report by Seren McKenzieStormwater Management; APWA Congress
2010-2011 Accounts Annual Report.pdf.jpgAnnual Report20112010-2011 Annual ReportAnnual Report
2011-2012 Accounts Annual Reports.pdf.jpgAnnual Report20122011-2012 Annual ReportAnnual Report
2012-2013 Consolidated Accounts FINAL 2013.pdf.jpgAnnual Report20132012-2013 Annual Report-Accounts OnlyAnnual Report
IPWEA International Study Tour Report 2013.pdf.jpgReport20132013 IPWEA International Study Tour Report by Tamara Cusack.USA/Europe;APWA Congress
2013-2014 Annual Report - Accounts Only.pdf.jpgAnnual Report20142013-2014 Annual Report-Accounts OnlyAnnual Report
IPWEA 2014 International_Study_Tour.pdf.jpgReport20142014 IPWEA International Plant & Vehicle (Fleet) Study Tour by Andrew RailzPlant and Vehicle Assets; Carbon Emissions
Kelly,Greg_Report to IPWEAQ TRAC Scholarship.pdf.jpgReport20142014 Scholarship to Transport Research Arena Conference by Greg KellyTRAC
2014-2015 Annual Report - Accounts Only.pdf.jpgAnnual Report20152014-2015 Annual Report-Accounts OnlyAnnual Report
IPWEA 2015 International Study Tour Report Raad Jarjees.pdf.jpgReport (plus Article)20152015 IPWEA International Study Tour by Raad JarjeesAsset Management USA, France and Denmark
2015-2016 Annual Report.pdf.jpgAnnual Report20162015-2016 Annual ReportAnnual Report
“Best Practice and Innovation in Public Works” - 2016.pdf.jpgReport20162016 IPWEA Study Tour of USA, Spain & Holland. “Best Practice and Innovation in Public Works” by Gleb KolenbetPublic Works Best Practice