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0 Scope and Purpose-Used.pdf.jpgPowerPoint20190. LOCAL SEALED AND UNSEALED ROADSUnsealed Roads
1 Overview and Challenges v5-Generic-TYT.pdf.jpgPowerPoint20191. Unsealed Roads Overview and ChallengesUnsealed Roads
2 Knowing your network v7.pdf.jpgPowerPoint20192 Knowing your networkUnsealed Roads
3 Condition, service and Maintenance- Part B v6 - TYT.pdf.jpgPowerPoint20193 Condition, Service & Maintenance - Part BUnsealed Roads
3 Condition, service and Maintenance part A v6 AB.pdf.jpgPowerPoint20193 Condition, Service & Maintenance Part AUnsealed Roads
4 Pinch points and major works Part B v7 AB.pdf.jpgPowerPoint20194 Pinch Points, and Major Works – Part B: Safety FocusUnsealed Roads
4 Pinch points and major works Part A v6_ML.pdf.jpgPowerPoint20194 Sustained major works and pinch points: Part AUnsealed Roads
5 Road making materials & RBTK v6_md notes.pdf.jpgPowerPoint20195 Road making materials & Road Base Test Kit (RBTK)Unsealed Roads
6 Specification & design of materials v5_3.pdf.jpgPowerPoint20196 Specification & mix design of road making materialsUnsealed Roads
7  Managing unsealed roads v6-Revised AB Notes.pdf.jpgPowerPoint20197 Management framework and strategies for unsealed roadsUnsealed Roads
8 Further technical options v7-Used.pdf.jpgPowerPoint20198. Further technical options for improving road performanceUnsealed Roads
Darren Shepherd.jpg.jpgAudio Recording2018Best Practice Techniques for Managing Unsealed RoadsRoad Design; Unsealed Roads
IMG_8799.JPG.jpgAudio Recording2018Case Study - Forgotten Best Pracitice for Unsealed RoadsRoad Design and Maintenance; Unsealed Roads
9. Markham Parker Forgotten Best Practice Case Study.pdf.jpgPowerPoint2018Case Study - Forgotten Best Pracitice for Unsealed RoadsRoad Design and Maintenance; Unsealed Roads
16. Luke Tanner Maintenance of unsealed roads.pdf.jpgPowerPoint2018Maintenance of Unsealed RoadsRoad Design and Maintenance; Unsealed Roads
IMG_8815.JPG.jpgAudio Recording2018Maintenance of Unsealed RoadsRoad Maintenance; Unsealed Roads
Darren Shepherd Pres Croydon.pdf.jpgPowerPoint2019Unsealed Road Maintenance Techniques by Darren ShepherdRoad Maintenance; Unsealed Roads
Unsealed Road Management_David Goodman.pdf.jpgPowerPoint2019Unsealed Road Management by David GoodmanUnsealed Roads; Road Maintenance
David Goodman.jpeg.jpgAudio Recording2019Unsealed road management by David GoodmanUnsealed Roads
Michael Kinion Gatton.JPG.jpgAudio Visual Recording2019Unsealed Roads Prioritisation Process by Michael KinionRoad Maintenance; Unsealed Roads