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IMG_8806.JPG.jpgPodcast2018Applications of Geosynthetics for Pavements and SealsPavement Geosynthetics; Pavement Design
Pages from 01 Stephenson.jpg.jpgPowerPoint2016Asphalt Innovation Collaboration by Greg StephensonPavement Design; EME2; Modulus Asphalt; ARRB
IMG_8816.JPG.jpgPodcast2018Case Study - Local Pavement materials in Western Downs Manufactured from Glassy Basalt Source RockPavement Design
IMG_8812.JPG.jpgPodcast2018Case Study - Low Cost Pavements and Seals, risk Verus RewardPavement Design; Road Maintainence
Greg Stephenson Image.PNG.jpgPodcast2016Cooperation in pavement innovations by Greg Stephenson.Pavement Design; EME2; High Modulus Asphalt; ARRB
Pages from S2_1. EME2 Pavement and Mix Design_IPWEA Logan_Laszlo Petho.jpg.jpgPowerPoint2017EME2 Pavement and Mix DesignEME2; Pavement Design
Lazlo Petho.jpg.jpgPodcast Presentation2017EME2 Pavement and Mix DesignEME2; Pavement Design
Damian Volker NRS.jpg.jpgAudio Recording2019Foamed Bitumen Stabilisation - Do's and Dont's by Damian VolkerFoamed Bitumen; Pavement Design
Visini and Parker Mackay.pdf.jpgPowerPoint Presentation2015Forgotten Best Practices for Unsealed Roads: In Situ Blending for Low Cost PavementsPavement Design
8. David Bell Lime Stabilisation Western Roads Marginal Materials.pdf.jpgPowerPoint2018Lime Stabilisation of SubgradeLime Stabilisation; Pavement Design
7. Andrew Kennedy Toowoomba - Maximising outcomes with material testing final (approved) a.pdf.jpgPowerPoint2018Maximising Outcomes with Material TestingPavement Material Testing; Pavement Design
Lincoln Latter IPWEAQ -  Recycled Materials P94 - FINAL.pdf.jpgPowerPoint2019Optimising the use of construction and demolition waste in granular and stabilised pavement materials.Pavement Design
Paving the Way for Thirty-Five Years.pdf.jpgArticle2016Paving the Way for Thirty-Five YearsPMS; Pavement Design
IMG_8804.JPG.jpgPodcast2018Premature Failures of Granular Pavements Due to Lack of Moisture ControlPavement Design; Pavement Moisture Control
2. Rod Moss Risk Based Design V3.pdf.jpgPowerPoint2018Risk Based DesignRisk Management; Pavement Design
IMG_8783.JPG.jpgPodcast2018Risk Based DesignRisk Management; Pavement Design
Pages from 02 McDonald.jpg.jpgPowerPoint2016Sustainable Pavement Design - Delivering Sustainable Options Considering Existing Materials and Pavement Lifecycle by Trent McDonaldPavement Design; Road Transports
Trent McDonald Image.jpg.jpgPodcast2016Sustainable Pavement Design - Delivering Sustainable Options Considering Existing Materials and Pavement Lifecycle by Trent McDonald.Pavement Design
Amir Shahkolahi NRS.jpg.jpgAudio Recording2019Sustainable Solution for Subgrade Stabilisation by Amir ShahkolahiPavement Design; Sustainability