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14 80's Revival, Janice Wilson.pdf.jpgPowerPoint201880s Revival: Pushing Assets into the FutureAsset Management; Nebo Road WTP
Janice Wilson.jpg.jpgAudio Recording201880s Revival: Pushing Assets into the FutureAsset Management
Geoff Hales Mackay NZ.pdf.jpgPowerPoint Presentation2015Asset Management in NZ: Report from Foundation RecipientAsset Management; New Zealand
Pages from 02 Blakey.jpg.jpgPowerPoint Presentation2016Asset management lessons from the kingdom of wonder by Gavin BlakeyAsset Management; Ankor Wat; Cambodia
12 Managing the Performance of Bridges, Heldt and Lake.pdf.jpgPowerPoint2018Asset management of Structures - Managing the Performance of Bridges: Cost vs. RiskAsset Management; Risk Management
Tim Heldt.jpg.jpgAudio Recording2018Asset management of Structures - Managing the Performance of Bridges: Cost vs. RiskAsset Management; Risk Management
Austroads Componentisation Guideline V1.0_for stakeholder review.pdf.jpgGuideline Document2017Austroads Componentisation GuidelinesAustroads; Asset Management
Austroads Technical Report AP-T315-16.pdf.jpgTechnical Report2016Austroads Technical Report AP-T315-16Austroads; Asset Management
Tim Heldt Balancing Cost Risk Performance.pdf.jpgArticle2018Balancing Cost, Risk and PerformanceAsset Management; Risk Assessment
Brigning Accounts and Engineers Together Tony Brett.pdf.jpgArticle2018Bringing Accountants and Engineers Together on Useful LIfeAsset Management; Useful Life Definition
Video2018Case Study: The Importance of Adequate Development Compliance from an Asset Managers Perspective by Shannen PretloveAsset Management; Planning Design
Pages from Connecting Cape York through Sustainable Initiatives.jpg.jpgPowerPoint Presentation2017Connecting Cape York through sustainable initiativesCape York Region Package; Asset Management
Sandra Burke.jpg.jpgPodcast2017Connecting Cape York through Sustainable InitiativesAsset Management; Cape York Region Package
0.jpeg.jpgVideo2018Data Validation & Condition Assessment of Council Stormwater Assets by Sean RiceAsset Management; Stormwater Assets
Raitt McLeod.jpg.jpgPodcast2017A Deep Dive into Asset ManagementAsset Management
Pages from A Deep Dive into Asset Management - Raitt McCloed and Brodie Young.jpg.jpgPodcast Presentation2017A deep dive into asset managementAsset Management; CHRC
Gatton Stormwater Project Seren McKenzie and Adam Broit.pdf.jpgPowerPoint2018Discovering our Stormwater Assets and Issues - the Lockyer Valley ExperienceAsset Management; Water Asset Management
Govt Sustainability Panel Dec 2017.pdf.jpgReport2017Experts Agree managing Assets is Key to Local Government SustainabilityAsset Management
Video2018Extended Stockpile Working Times: Plant Mix Foam BitumenStockpile Management; Asset Management; Plant Mix Foam Bitumen
Carey Morris Image.jpg.jpgState Conference Podcast Presentation2016Is cheap real value? - 2016 Hynds Best Paper (IPWEA NZ) by Carey MorrisCHBDC; Asset Management