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10 Reasons for Presenting an IPWEAQ Conference Paper.pdf.jpgArticle201810 Reasons for Presenting a Paper at an IPWEAQ ConferenceProfessional Development; IPWEAQ Conference
New Bridge Inspection flyer final.pdf.jpgFlyer2018Bridge Inspections Level 1 and 2Professional Development; Bridge Inspection
Professional Development Article Craig Moss June 2017.pdf.jpgArticle2017Continuing Professional Development – burden or benefit?Professional Development
Critical Risk Management Flyer.pdf.jpgFlyer2018Critical Risk Management: Moving Beyond Systems and ProcessesProfessional Development; Risk Management
Demystifing Extended Design Domain (EDD) Applications.pdf.jpgFlyer2018Demystifying Extended Design Domain (EDD) ApplicationsProfessional Development; Road Design
1730  Flyer  Erosion & Sediment Control Level 1  final-1.pdf.jpgFlyer2018Erosion and Sediment Control Level 1Professional Development; Erosion and Sediment Control
1731  Flyer  Erosion & Sediment Control Level 2  final.pdf.jpgFlyer2018Erosion and Sediment Control Level 2Professional Development; Erosion and Sediment Control
1732  Flyer  Erosion & Sediment Control Level 3   final-3.pdf.jpgFlyer2018Erosion and Sediment Control Level 3Professional Development; Erosion and Sediment Control
Craig Moss Article Sept 2017.pdf.jpgArticle2017Essential (Technical) LeadershipProfessional Development
Grants and Funding Workshop Flyer.pdf.jpgFlyer2018Grants and Funding WorkshopProfessional Development; Grants and Funding
Pages from 1 - Dawson Wilkie 160801 The importance of continuing professional development IPWEAQ NQ Conference (Dawson).jpg.jpgPowerPoint2016The importance of continuing professional developmentProfessional Development
1682  Leadership Toolkit Series  final.pdf.jpgFlyer2018Leadership Toolkit SeriesProfessional Development; Leadership
Craig Moss article March 2107.pdf.jpgArticle2017Managing Public Works InfrastructureInfrastructure Management; Professional Development
1537  Flyer  Managing Risks on Lower Order Roads  01.pdf.jpgFlyer2018Managing Risks on Lower Order RoadsProfessional Development; Risk Management; Road Design
Craig Moss Article Sept 2016-Maximising Learing Outcomes.pdf.jpgArticle2016Maximising Learning OutcomesProfessional Development
Professional Development - Year in Review.pdf.jpgReport2019Professional Development ReportProfessional Development
Craig Moss Article Dec 2017.pdf.jpgArticle2017Professional Development UpdateProfessional Development
PD Update Sept 18.pdf.jpgReport2018Professional Development UpdateProfessional Development
PD Update December 2018.pdf.jpgReport2018Professional Development UpdateProfessional Development
Professional Development Report March 2019.pdf.jpgArticle2019Professional Development Update March 2019 by Nadia MarksProfessional Development